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Welcome to Lasco Crete

Lasco Crete was established in 1975 as a wholly owned family business, a tradition we are most proud of. In all the years of our existence we have always found solutions during challenging times, enabling us to capture the slogan “Impossible is Nothing” as our philosophy.

Our Business is built on customer service and respect, excellent business morals and ethics, employee development and social investment.

Our Mission statement: “Our customers are our priority and we serve them through excellent business ethics, values and principles. Our quality and service is unsurpassable and sustainable. It is our endeavour to invest in our employees in the form of training and development as we believe in the future through people.


We manufacture and install precast concrete products for the domestic market as well as the commercial and industrial heavy weight concrete palisade fence for those markets.

We are the only company in the Western Cape that manufactures a high quality twin side colour panel in a rustic brick, broken brick and roman brick finish. All twin side products have the same appearance on both sides of the panel. The finished product allows for an aesthetic finish, pleasing to the eye without the feel of a vibracrete wall.

The advantages of this twin side wall is its cost effectiveness, quick to install and maintenance free.


If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us!

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